Monday, October 24, 2011

Running makes you look good!

KLIUC 10km run was by far, my personal best. I was pleasantly surprised with the time. 40:46. The actual distance measured by some runners' GPS watch was 9.8km. 
Route was not all flat. It included a couple of long hills. Gentle slope it seemed but with racing pace, you'll be zapped dry approaching the top.
It's also the first run I got a prize! Well, I was lucky. KLIUC was generous enough to award top20 runners in each category. I managed 12th in Men Open.

The last 2km I tried to overtake or 'sayur' a Kenyan lookalike but he didn't let me. The moment I got close to him, he fired his turbo to hold me back. Final 200m was sprint to the finish. Boy it was tough but fun! Still couldn't 'sayur' him though.  :(

Look at his shoes. Amazing ya. Leather without much padding.

In adidas King Of The Road 16.8km, I was 13th. Just a few more to be top10.Pace I have but not the speed endurance. Seriously need more training.
 30seconds...the time I needed to shave off to be 10th. 1 day...I'll be there :)

Photos below shows the difference I look in 2007 and now, 2011

 Skin style...some fat...anymore differences? Hahahahahah!

What I dare to say is RUNNING MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD!

So come, let's run! You'll like it and it's addictive!!!

And it makes you feel good doubt about that. The release of endorphin in our body does the trick.
 If you feel down, sad, depressed, go and run it off.

If by any chance it doesn't help, let me know. I'll buy you laksa...or...kolo mee...the magical Sarawak hawker delicacies! :P

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