Thursday, October 27, 2011

Still feeling high like the world champions!

I'm still astounded on what took place over the last weekend. Still smiling. Trying to relive every moment of it!

So so happy to meet International Skyrunning Federation President, Marino Giacometti and his ISF Team at KLIA on my way to KK, Sabah. We happened to be on the same flight! Lucky me! :)

We are going to the 25th Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon, 22-23 October 2011

Marco De Gasperi was there! Yes, the Kinabalu climbathon record holder! Wow! I could hardly believe it!!

Last year, he broke the Mt Kinabalu climbathon record set in 2003 by 3min! Amazing speed! 21km of mountain climbing and descending with elevation of 2300m. He did it 2hr33min. The 2003 record was set by himself as well!!

This year, it's a blast. Why? Marco will be defending his title and Kilian Jornet, winner 2007, 2009 will be battling it out for 2011 champion. Not only that, this year is also the year of Super Cup. It is a title for the Champion of Champions.

Apart from these top 2, let me introduce another 2 elites. Luis Hernando, winner of 2011 Skyrunner Series and Brandy Erholtz, member of USA Track & Field Team, in trail running.
I'm so happy to meet them in person. Can't describe the feeling really... :D

Thank you Lord!!!

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