Monday, October 31, 2011

Kinabalu Climbathon Project - part 4 - Descending Toru style

Marco reached Kinabalu peak in 1hr37min. 5minutes behind him are Kilian, Toru, Luis and the Nepali climber (I forgot his name).

At the spot (around 6.5km) where I recorded this clip,  Kilian literally flew down, the lead Marco built on the climb has been reduced to 3min.

Eventually Kilian caught up with Marco as they exit Timpohon gate. Marco was unlucky cos he had a fall coming down and the final 4.5km sprint was affected.

Kilian however, gave all he had, sprinting to the finish line in 2hr41min48secs , with Marco 40secs in 2nd place.

Luis was 3rd, Nepali Sudip Kulung 4th, Japanese Toru 5th and the fastest Malaysian, Safrey Sumping  in 6th.

These skyrunners are simply amazing!

They have finished 21km distance and 2,300m elevation up down but I still can't see the peak!!

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