Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From road to trail

Merdeka day has passed. Fasting month & Hari Raya have passed. Holidays have passed...boo hoo hoo...but the sports events are coming back...a lot of them! Yahoo!

This coming Sunday, it's Salomon Trail Run at UPM grounds.
Invited by Pacesetters to recce the running route last Saturday. The trail is not so much of a trail which we are familiar with...jungle, mud, stream, hill, roots, trunks, branches, etc.

It will be like home for Kenyans as the route is in fact dirt road (red earth). A couple of small gentle slopes and the rest are flats. The run will be passing through spectators...cows, sheep, horses! Most probably disturbing their morning sleep!

Tried out my new trail running shoes, Adidas Kanadia TR 3. Black & yellow...nice colours to match my yellow Adidas jersey! The shoes, well cushioned, will be just right for long trail distances. The sole is yellow polka dot, black base with yellow mini studs providing strong grips on trails.My Adidas Kanadia beside cow dung or was it from sheep? Those natural fertilisers are the only "obstacles" for the run.

This year my runs are shifting into the jungle. Have been doing more trail runs the past few months.

Why is that?

Well, doing something different. Exploring a new horizon. The triathlons are still around but my biggest event for this year will be 50km trail run in Sabah this coming 5th Nov.

The Most Beautiful Thing.
Looking forward for this!

Hmm...looks like everything is moving towards Sabah...workwise, HQ is in Sabah...and now the ultra trail run. It'll be my maiden try in ultra distances. There is the 100km but not yet. I'm not there...yet. Start with a 50 and gradually move on from there...hehehe!

In May, I DNF (did not finish) Tioman Eco Challenge, the 30km extreme tough trail...not run, but walk & climb in the jungle! I covered 20km+ together with Michelle but we failed the cut-off time. So in Nov, it's 50km for both of us, yes!


Anonymous said...

tks for sharing..bro


gracie said...

Thanks for your write up and all the best in the Sabah ultra trail run!

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

No prob bro Tey!

Gracie, hope to see you in Salomon run!

gracie said...

Hehe, if I can wake up, I will come to support. I did my B. Pertanian practicals in those ladangs with the lembus last time. The good ol' student days at my alma mater. :)

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