Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gasing bushwalk

Upon entering Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing (Gasing Hill Education Forest) three weeks ago, I came upon heartbreak..a mini landslide and a fallen young tree.
The roots holding on to the ground were ripped out and this created a fragile area where the earth became loose enough to slide off the banks. Perhaps strong wind brought the tree down? Or authorities in charge of this ‘green lung’ is constructing a concrete walkway, therefore requiring some re-construction of that area?

Not far away was a small bridge with concrete base. It is no doubt good for its function but definitely not in a forest!!! Correct me if I’m worng but I thought this ‘green lung’ is a reserved forest. The stream flowing through has turned into a man made drain….longkang! And this is no more a reserved forest as it has been turned or transformed into a man made park!

Was it necessary?

As the name is Education, was can a man made bridge in a reserved forest teach us?

Perhaps some may say it was built for trekking ease. Well, if anyone who wants to have an easy peesy jungle trek, tell them to go and walk in their neighbourhood park! Obviously they have no idea how a REAL tropical rainforest is. Turning Gasing ‘green lung’ into a man made Education Forest ? Pui!! I spit on that! Maybe one day some “expert” will come up with a plan to have man made stream filled with aquarium fish!

Ok, enough of my babbling about all this…

Take a rest…have a seat…

… and think about our wounded Mother Nature. Let’s do something to help heal her. There are many simple steps we can take and here are your simple one, two, three….

1.Save water, use half a tank to flush your wee-wee. Don’t waste by using full tank.
2.Reduce electricity usage. When using aircon, turn the thermostat up by 2 degrees as this will reduce electricity consumption and will mean less carbon dioxide discharge into the atmosphere in energy production. Less CO2, less contribution to global warming.

Stream is like our blood vein so this muddy stream means the forest is bleeding.

At the top of one side of the hill, telecommunication station stands tall with the view of old klang road.

Message for us all

Keep on enjoying Mother Nature
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