Monday, May 5, 2008

Labour Day Brick

No, not the clay bricks or ‘batu-bata’ that we use to build our houses or buildings. Brick in the triathlete or this endurance sports slang means doing bike ride and run, as I was told. No idea why it’s called in such manner so don’t throw a brick at me when I can’t answer your question ya. Later I become tomato puree….being pureed by a brick! Hahaha!

Anyway, lemme cut da crap and let’s see some action pix.

Gaya ada tapi basikal mahal P2C bukan dia punya.....sob ....sob...that's why I looked like dreaming.

Which is hotter....the bike or the babe?
No clouds ah??? Aiyo....sunburn liao...

Eh, we IM people no problem do 60km sap the water only...

Your wheels can go faster in IM ah?

We had a Labour Day brick session in Putrajaya. It was an honour to train with Ironman Dr Rumbling Rum, Siok Honey-Bee, Heng & Wendy….and Sahara Ultraman, Ngae.
Jason, Kiat, Julie, Michelle were there as well, training for upcoming Afamosa triathlon, Powerman, although still many months away and hopefully duathlon series will materialise this year.
But seriously, we all are addicted to these endurance sports. Addicted to our own natural body drugs….endorphine, adrenalin….hehehe…ooh yeah! Areeba areeba karamba!!!!

So we started with a warm up slow run, men 5km and women 3km. A particular MAN did 4km….err….i dunno what to say lah….half man / half woman???

Ok, back to the carpark after that short run, we were met by Kiat and Heng who joined us for the 50km – 60km ride.

We rode in San Francisco??

Leading the bike pack was none other than Wendy on her P3C that had us kelam kabut behind smelling burnt rubber. The only way we caught up was when she stopped at junctions waiting for us cos she doesn’t know where to go. Kekekeke!

From the big dreaded hill leading to exit to airport toll, she zoomed off again and tomatoman with itchy bum tried to follow. Rolling down the hill was “sap sap water” but on the flat stretch, my legs started to curse me. Fastest I went was 42km/h but still behind her. Of course lah, she got Cervelo mah…
But nearing the toll plaza, the gap to reach her increase further & further. Heading back and stopping unde the flyover waiting for the rest, I got down and jelly legs already shaking. Ciaklat liaw!….I do need to limlat lah.

From there onwards to the gentle slope behind Putrajaya was a slower ride. Averaging 20km/h ++ only….hahaha! But going that speed was too slow for the rumbling Dr. Rum. He kissed somebody’s ass…..oh…I mean his front wheel kissed somebody’s rear wheel and… piang jatuh eh bukan longkang….luckily a slow and gentle crash on the jalan, with style.

What he saw before he rumbled down to the road.

Eh, why you laugh?!?!?!?!

Hee Hee Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Too bad no crash pix lah....censored...

So my friend was right. Last year he told me if you lose, must lose in style with the stylo the mylo attire. And now, if crash must crash gracefully also lah…. :P

Anyway, back at the carpark, we switch wheels with running shoes. Sorry no photos here cos nothing exciting happened…..hehehe!

At 10am doing 10km run in Putrajaya is really gila-ya. Hot like mad, as if running in an oven. All along the way to PICC, we looked for shaded track. Thank God there are toilets, which were our beloved water stations.

At the mosque roundabout, I always wondered why they installed water cooler at alternate light posts….ah, so that’s why…for dried up people torturing themselves in the sun! Hahaha! The cool water was heaven lah….

Water cooler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See…after wallaping water from the cooler, pose for pix oso stylo.
The mosque at a different time of the day

From there back to carpark was a good sprint. And from then on, we had our brunchea (breakfast + lunch + tea break…hehe!) in Serdang/Sri Kembangan.

Memang sedap!!!!

Sorry no pix of the yummylicious foody goody cos tummy controlled the brain to take spoon and scooped food into mouth.

Next brick lah….
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