Friday, May 9, 2008

Hear ye hear ye!!!!!!!

If you are a runner and have your blog, this is good on...

Hello Guys,
I have more good news for runners who blogs or having their own webpage.adidas had again brought in more very high performance technical runningshoes to be given away free to runners to wear-test them & to post intheir blog a very frank & unprejudiced opinion about the shoes after 30days of usage.The sizes are limited and I have them in size UK 5.5 , 7.5 , 8.5 & 10.5.Those wishing to possess these shoes will have to comply with thefollowing terms & condition :
1 ) Come to the adidas office to fit the shoes.
2 ) Undertake to post a comment in their blog ( about the performance ofthe shoes ) after 30 days of usage.
3 ) Must be a blogger or has his/her own website.

If you are interested pls make an appointment with me as detailed below

Office address:
adidas Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Block B , Level 4, Plaza Damansara
45 Media Setia 1
Bukit Damanasara
Kuala Lumpur

Tel Office : 03 - 20804843
Mobile No : 012 - 3503668
E-Mail : krishnan.karuppan

This offer expires on 30th May 2008 & the shoes will be given out onfirst-come-first-serve basis . For those who had participated in this program previously are also welcomed BUT it would be appreciated that they give other blogger an opportunity to participate

Best Regards
Krishnan Karuppan
Head of Runningadidas Malaysia
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