Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bye bye Monday blues!

Had a busy weekend helping to set up the NB15km and that means no usual long run for me.

Today, I'm glad to put in some decent training. Bye bye Monday blues!
Did a 30 min swim, 90 min run and finished off with a 24 storey staircase climb to make sure I'm breathless at the end of it. The evening sun was kind enough but my tummy wasn't. Had to do a pit stop exactly an hour into the run! Fortunately there was a school on the Gasing running route. Luck was on my side, I was running towards it! If it was otherwise, the Gasing shrubs will be happy with my fertiliser!

Although momentum for running went down the toilet hole with you know what, I must say the 'deposit' did lighten myself a wee bit for the staircase climb. Well, not that it's going to help much but I'm just trying to make myself feel better.

Tomorrow will be another day...wonder what's in store...
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