Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dried up marathon

We are now in the midst of dry season. Even in the middle of the night, it's so hot & dry we can be sweating while asleep. Does that mean we get dehydrated if we sleep too long? Oh no!

After coming back from Mount Kinabalu, I must admit I've not done much running. My only long run was 17km last Sunday. Six and a half weeks left to KL Marathon and I've not done 25km, 30km, 35km long runs. How?How?How? Gotta stop using the heat as my usual excuse of not running. But seriously, with this heat, it's gonna be a very dried up marathon. The final 10km will be a torture...tomatoman is going to be sun dried!

Half an hour ago, rain was pouring. Hooray!!! I was just about to sing the song, rythm of the falling rain, but....but now, where's the rain? Half an hour and it stopped! Argh!! Is that it? Clouds suffering from dehydration too?!?! We need more water, plants need more water!! Grass fields have turned yellow, shrubs are shrivelled and some of us are pretty much dried up just 5km into the run.

Wish it can rain like this...

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