Saturday, May 23, 2009

Onroad or offroad?

With KL marathon getting close, 5 weeks to be exact, doing early morning runs meaning waking up before the sunrise is still a failure for me. Somehow dawn seems to be the most difficult time to wake up. No early morning runs so I had to compensate in the evenings. These past three weeks have been Gasing in Gasing out Gasing pusing-pusing. Evenings with the sun setting do not mean immediate cooling as heat rises from the daily baked roads. I could feel the tarmac temperatures eating through my trainers. Made me wonder how some runners can go barefooted. Ouch!

So, to have a much cooler run, Gasing hill trail is the perfect choice! Offroad running is totally different & more challenging as there is no straight & flat trail. It's swerving left & right, up & down, like going through an obstacle course avoiding trees, roots, rocks and the occasional nature lovers. Much much cooler but humidity is higher & that's why I seem to sweat more. It's actually sweat evaporating at a slower rate compared to drier conditions on the roads. Different muscles are being used as well navigating through the nature trail. Climbing steep hills require more of gluteus maximus power, a.k.a butt muscle power la! Next day is a sore ass day.

Avoiding heat is probably my lame excuse for running through Gasing trail everytime I go that way. What da heck, it's fun!
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