Friday, August 7, 2009


Meng Lian, me, Yip, Lydia at the beach the day before the race

me, Keat Seong, Michelle, Siok Bee
Coming out of hotel lobby, going to check in our bikes at transition area. Bobby, Michelle, me, Stupe
Bike checked in, Body marking done

Leslie, LiSar, Yip, me, Lee
Smiling before kicking, slapping , get kicked, get slapped with a school of swimmers

Choppy huh?
All set to go Bang! Flagoff and there we go and get whacked by waves
1st loop done...still feel good... and off to 2nd loop Yes! I conquered Desaru waves. Woohoo!!

90 km to go

I may looked like smiling but in actual fact, my mouth got cramped and that's why I looked like that...hahaha!

2km swim, 90km bike, 21km run done

Keat Seong, Jennifer, Siok Bee, me, Leslie

Pix courtesy of Lydia, Bobby, Yap, Bernard, Jennifer, Ben. Thanx!!!
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