Saturday, August 8, 2009


Normally at this time, 8am, on this day of the week, Saturday, I'd be somewhere far from home sweating my ass out.
But it's a no no no this weekend. Even though I emailed to find out what lite & easy actions the gila buddies have in store, I couldn't take the next step of joining them. Last night I was exhausted. Was supposed to meet a few buddies for yam cha but I had to say sorry. I couldn't even finish watching a movie on the couch! Imagine that! The past six weeks have been long distance running, tri-ing, cycling and coupled with long hours in the office, I need to chill out before burning out.

So now, it's LiteFM in the background, hot mocha in hand, Facebook in 1 tab and blogger in the other.

Oh man! My friend just reminded me to clean the house! Well...err...honestly i've not done that for...err...weeks! Ok then, it's not a RELAXING Saturday after all. Vacuum, mop, wipe, included!

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