Thursday, August 13, 2009

My knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Desaru half ironman, I had a nearly 100% rest till this evening. That's one and a half weeks without running and cycling. I dare not say swimming cos...err...cos...ok ok I did swim. But not even close to was just a cool down dip on Sunday afternoon as I couldn't stand the blistering heat.

This evening I was with Pacesetters exco and Klang area group members doing a short run at Taman Rakyat, Andalas. Did 1 loop jog or 4.2km or 1/10th of a marathon. Hahaha!

Bad news when I knees felt tight and both were sore! It was difficult to walk! Felt as if the knees were semi locked.
Why? How? What?
I thought the rest was improving them...hmm....

What's going on? Not enough rest? Knees were sleeping?

Maybe my pair of 'kasut batu' working shoes is causing it. I walk with it 3km every office...going home. Pounding on hard sole could be the problem. This is my 3rd month walking so much with it.

I better get a pair of walking... working... shoes, I mean working shoes that is good to walk in...or walking shoes that can be used to work. Or I just paint my running shoes black!

Whatever may have caused it, I need to get to the bottom of this. Can't leave them in pain and uneasiness.

My knees need help!!


kev said...

I too walk 1.5km each way from the carpark to my office. And my feet do feel sore sometimes after the walk, but the pain don't last for the whole day.

Maybe we should consider walking in running shoes, then change back to work shoes in the office.

Get well soon, Tomato.

Henry Wong said...

Hi Ray, this is the first time I am suffering from knee injury. I can imagine how painful you are going thru...

I hope that I can start running again this Sunday...perhaps for 10km as a start..

Cheers, and get well soon.

Mich said...

get a cheap slipper jap slipper. convenient and good when it's raining.

Khoo Yit Kiat said...

Doing too much too soon? You got to remember you've done a lot more marathons than I do leh....

Just looking at the possibilities. But think maybe u go to get it check?

elainek said...

Go see this doc. He'll xray & scan. I've been there for shoulder tendonitis. Knee pain usually means there's some kind of inflammation. A friend (only 21) went & was told that she has joints of a 30++ year old.

Dr William Chan
Sports Backcare Specialist S/B
101, Jalan SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Phone: 03-56355113
H/P: 012-2521898

Anonymous said...


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