Sunday, November 22, 2009

Powerman 2009

Powerman 2009...

Carbo loading was great!
Nothing much to say except...
1st run - ok
1st loop bike - ok
2nd loop bike - permanent resident Mr. Cramp woke up
2nd run - Mr. Cramp had a party in Lumut with Ms. Cramp and crampy kids!! That means I paid the price. Bummer!

Power gang

My splits...
Run 1
Time: 00:48:15 Pace: 4.23
Pos: 79 Gen Pos: 73 Cat Pos: 23

Time: 02:06:11 Pace: 30.4kmh
Pos: 161 Gen Pos: 149 Cat Pos: 60

Run 2 - here's where I koyak or hit the wall. Walked most of the 10km with cramps on both legs.
Time: 01:14:06 Pace: 7.24
Pos: 186 Gen Pos: 152 Cat Pos: 52

Finished together with Roger

Pos:143 Gen pos:124 Cat pos: 45 Finish time 4:13:11

Post race...McD
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