Sunday, November 29, 2009

Under 10km!

The past two Sundays has been Dukethon of 5km and KLAVA Back to Nature Relay of 3.39km. Add both and it's still under 10km! With SG Marathon coming up, there has been no 25km or 30km LSD. This is by far my worst prepared marathon. No expectations then. Will treat it as part of the Ironman training for Langkawi in Feb2010. Anything of sub4.30 will be a year end bonus!
It was a carnival! Great atmosphere created with drum performances, hot air balloon ride, clowns, car audio and modification exhibits with stunning looking Myvys and Kancils.
I'm the guy in blue...if you can spot me! Hahaha! Khoo is with white cap. He was always ahead of me and the gap grew further & further as the race went on. At the end, I was nearly 1min behind him. Mich sayuring guys from the start.

Sleeping on the run?!?!?! Finished 17th with a time of 19.54...a sub20! Yahoo!

Got 4th! 23.33!! A sub 24! Congrats but amkan cos the prizes were for podium only. Haiya!!!
Post race makan was as if we did a half marathon!

KLAVA Back to Nature Relay
The RED Pacemaker Army

Passing of baton after a fast & furious 1st round in 13.32
Handing over to Mich after a 14.14 lap.
Determination painted on her face. Go! Mich! Go!
Mich managed to hold on the 2nd position and to top icing on the cake, the last 100m was a sprint to the finish. She did 17.40 Well done luv!
Team Pacemaker Network MR.K
M = Michelle R=Raymond K=Khoo

Veteran Champion and Overall Champion. They simply smoked everyone...they were just too fast.

Trophies only for the champions in each category...sob...sob...we were so near yet so far...sob...sob...but it motivates us even more for the next relay! When ah?
All pix courtesy of Tey, the super ultra running cameraman. Thanks a bunch!
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