Monday, July 12, 2010

Gansterism in running!

Malaysia...oh Malaysia...majukan sukan untuk negara????? (improve sports for the nation?)

There are people who wanted to be 'jaguh kampung' (village champion) and they make sure nobody else can take that away from them...ganster style...

Actually this group people can only be village champions of losers!!!...nothing else...

Who would have thought gansterism is alive in sports?

Seremban Half Marathon...again...demonstrated it clearly when the veteran 21km category was won by Jean Pierre Lautredoux.
The local team captain Thana and his local runner Ganesan were sore losers. Ganesan could not match Jean Pierre's pace and had to settle for 2nd BUT Thana wanted it otherwise.

Read on...

Jean Pierre Lautredoux's experience in Seremban Half Marathon, 11 July 2010

This morning i won Seremban 21k overall...this was followed by the usual complain from Thana who wants only his runners run & win the races. The race was open to Malaysians, PR & expats with working permit. The organizer called me with the mic to show a proof of PR or WP. I showed him my WP & he was satisfied.
But this Thana still continued to ... See Morepush the organizer & federation to disqualify me. Thana came with his athlete Ganesan (2nd in my cat), wanted to see my WP. I told him, he was nothing to me, i didn't hv to show them a proof, only to the organizer. They were very aggressive, threatening, even asking my wife if she was Malaysian (hahaha...bodoh lah), asking her IC !!! Who does he think he is? Police? Immigration? Some more Ganesan telling me he was a competitor !!! I told him he was not a competitor as rather than use his legs to win, he tried to disqualify me to get the 1st spot. This ending by "you will see..." from them.
I was interviewed by a Star reporter. When i told her the story, she stopped to write & said: "TQ, bye". If medias support these ppl !!!
My French friends, on holiday in Malaysia, told me "If you do that in France, all the racism associations will sue you". I remembered, one time, the organizer didn't want to give the 1st prize to a Moroccan. The association sue the organizer. The guy got his prize, some indemnities & the race organizer cannot organize anymore race.
Later, I made a police report for harassment & threatening to protect myself & my family. I don't want things that happened in PD half marathon 2 years ago happen to me in one of the races. Two Kenyans were beaten by some indian guys (who waited for them in a quiet area) during the race.
I ran for more than 30 yrs & i never got this type of argument. I ran in many countries, ppl were all the time happy to see me run & here few guys make the mess for us foreigners. This is racism & anti-sportive.
I come there to run, have fun, meet friends & make new friends. Really a bad day.
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