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Which comes to your mind when you hear Ironman?

The endurance multi sport or the comic hero?

It all boils down to what you're exposed some don't have a clue on both Ironman.
Well, we can't blame them. After all, we can't possible know every single thing this world has, right?

But...but...yes, there's always a but to everything...

There are some people who want to be labeled as Ironman, although they have not done it before and the worst is that they know exactly what this Ironman means...endurance multisport of 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km run, all to be completed in 17hours.
Why? Did they call themselves MEN or WOMEN when they're below 18yrs old? Do they also want to be known as a Phd holder even with only a basic degree?


And there are some runners who claimed they have done marathons even though the furthest they've done is 10km.

For those who do not know what MARATHON means, then it's about time somebody educate them.
Why the ignorance?

Don't the young people these days watch Olympics or any track and field events anymore? School sports?
What more to say take part running due to own interests?

What is happening to sports in our dear beloved country?

I had the privilege to visit MAAU the other day with Khoo.

MAAU = Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union

or in Bahasa Malaysia,

KOAM = Kesatuan Olahraga Amatur Malaysia
which is more well know as Kesatuan Olahraga Amat Malang!!

Indeed it is! The Deputy President who gave us a brief talk on the MAAU history indicated the sports culture in the country is...sad...very sad...

Schools are not putting emphasis in sports anymore. If it is, it's still insufficient. Just look at the records...

National Record Men

Records as of July 2008

Event Record Athlete State Venue Date
100 Meter 10.30s Watson Nyambek Sarawak B. Jalil, K.L 15/07/1998
200 Meter 20.92s Dr. M. Jegathesan Selangor Mexico City (Olympic) 15/10/1968
400 Meter 46.41s Mohd Zaiful Z. Abidin K. Lumpur Brunei DS 20/07/2001
800 Meter 1:47.37s B. Rajakumar Selangor Jakarta, IND 26/09/1985
1500 Meter 3:45.70s M Vadivellan Perak Korat, THA 11/12/2007
5000 Meter 14:06.84s M. Ramachandran Johor Troisdorf, GER 5/8/1994
10,000 Meters 29:30.19s M. Ramachandran Johor Victoria, CAN 27/08/1994

Marathon 2:29:27s K. Baskaran Penang Singapura 2/12/2001
110m L/P 13.73s Nur Herman Majid Singapura Hiroshima, JPN 15/10/1994
400m L/P 51.83s M. Ravinthiran Kedah Kangar, PERLIS 20/08/1996
3000m L/B 8:59.10s N. Shanmuganathan Selangor B. Jalil, KL 17/09/1998

L. Tinggi 2.27m Lee Hup Wei * Selangor Beijing,Chi 25/05/2008
L. Bergalah 5.00m Teh Weng Chang Perak K. Lumpur 24/03/2002
Lompat Jauh 7.88m Josbert Tinus Sabah Thailand 5/10/2007
Lompat Kijang 16.29m Mohd Zaki Sadri Perak K. Lumpur 21/08/1989

L/Peluru 16.67m Mohd Nazar Abd Rahim Perak P. Pinang 19/08/1995
L/Cakera 47.33m Ngu Kit Min Sarawak P.Pinang 19/09/2006
L/Tukul Besi 58.52m Wong Tee Kui Sarawak Singapura 5/9/1993
M. Lembing 73.34m Mohd Yazid Imran Johor Singapura 2/9/1995

10km J/K (R) 42:36.00s Teoh Boon Lim P.Pinang Einsenhittenstadt, GER, 11/5/1996
20km J/K (R) 1:24.50s Narinder Singh Selangor Prague, CZE 19/04/1997
50km J/K (R) 4:10.05s G. Saravanan P.Pinang K. Lumpur 21/09/1998
10000m J/K (T) 43:03.2s R. Mogan N.Sem Seremban, NS 10/5/1997
20000m J/K (T) 1:30.43s B. Thirukumaran K.Lumpur Kangar, PERLIS 2/3/1997

4×100m 39.83s Malaysia
K. Lumpur 15/09/2001
Watson Nyambek, Azmi IbrahIm, Nazmizan Muhamad, R. Ganeshwaran
4×400m 3:06.69s Malaysia
K. Lumpur 23/10/1991
Azhar Hashim, Mohd Yazid Parlan, V. Samson, Nordin Jadi
Decathlon 6989 points Mohd Malik Tobias Melaka Brunei 9/8/1999
100m: 11.53s 400m : 54.18s 1500m : 5:52.78s 110m L/Pagar: 15.24s L/Jauh : 7.21m
L/Tinggi : 2.05m L/Bergalah : 4.60m L/Peluru : 13.57m L/Cakera : 39.53m M/Lembing : 53.10m
Pentathlon 2657 points Pok Chee Sing N. Sembilan K. Lumpur 1/8/1998

National Record Women

Records as of January 2008

National Record Women

Too many records have been sitting there waiting to be broken. But sad to say, not many are coming.
However, I do hope what I just said is wrong in this coming Commenwealth Games. Hopefully, records will come down Usain Bolt style...1 by 1

Quote by En. Karim Ibrahim (MAAU Deputy President) :Baru habis saya cakap Pi for Pisang....dia sudah habis 100m

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Denis Oakley said...

First impression is - what a lot of Indian names.

Second is where are they now and why can't we get them into triathlon....

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