Friday, July 9, 2010

Never under estimate nature

The Eco-X race last Sunday at Batu Dam went through the wrath of nature.

I was helping out as marshal in the MTB trail at Check Point 1, about 50m near a stream.

Gentle stream before the storm. Gary the leading marshal on scrambler bike shows you how easy it was to get across. Sorry you have to turn your head halfway watching this video. I have no idea why I turned my HP. Hahahaha!

Around 1045am, the darkened sky opened up. Rain was very heavy. Wind was very very strong! A storm in action.

1 hour later the gentle stream became a furious river. Check out the video below.

Anybody riding across on the bike will most probably be swept away.

MTB trail across the stream became dangerous with the strong current.

Marshals doing their best to ease the difficult stream crossing. Bamboo did the job. Luckily Gary brought his parang and Gurnam managed to cut 2 mega long bamboo sticks from...somewhere...

Luckily the MTB riders reached the check point one by one.No traffic jam when crossing the river. One by one, all safely crossed. Job done!
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