Thursday, April 14, 2011

Malaysia's Toughest, Coldest and Wettest Triathlon!

Kenyir Triathlon 2011

Saturday morning 7am
4 cars, 12 hungry people had McD breakfast before heading East using Karak, Pantai Timur Highway. Due to the forever under construction highway, we switched to inland Jabor-Al Muktafi Billah Shah road to go North. Long and winding road, well, not that winding but it sounded good...hahaha. Reached Kuala Berang around 130pm, searched for lunch. Found some Chinese food but was charged tourist price for a not too pleasing mixed rice. Chinese lady really sharpened her money knife that day. Shhheeesh!! Well, she only earns from triathletes once a year. That's why la...

Finally at 3pm, it's Kenyir Resort! Sky wasn't too pleased to welcome us I guess. Cloudy everywhere. Collected our race kits rained! Stuck at lobby for sometime. Unloaded our bikes 5pm, set them up but no testing in the rain...couldn't be bothered. 4 bikes on the verandah, 2 huge double beds and the room still has enough space to walk around. The toilet...I think I can fit my car in there! Huge!

8pm carbo loading dinner
Same ritual, line up, grab food, eat, listen to the funny uncle Chan. This year, however, he surprised us with a slightly different bike & run route.
From the map, you can see the triangle was the swimming area. The red line was the running route. As for bike, normally we turn left at the main road junction. This time we go right.

Race day
Rain woke me up in the middle of the night. Pitter patter pitter patter...listened to the rhythm of the falling rain...bla bla bla...but I didn't sing :)
6am alarm rang. Set everything up, off we went to race site. RAIN RAIN's not going to stop. Had my swim cap on the moment we left our room...nice that it keeps me head warm...hahaha!

356...numbering done. Flag off delayed due to rain. So we steeped ourselves like teabags in the lake. It was kinda warm considering continuous rain. Bike discipline was almost canceled due to safety. News was slippery roads, broke down truck in the middle of the road, flooding on certain parts. We waited...n waited...

Around 9am, uncle Chan confirmed it will be a TRIATHLON! Many times he reminded us safety is the most important and NOT speed! But I guess not many remembered when adrenalin gets pumped.

I stayed on the edge of the group. Didn't want to be caught in the middle of the kicking and slapping 'peloton'. 250m buoy could still see Michelle beside me but beyond that, she sped off. Managed to catch my time of loop1, 16min. We had to do 2loops. Came out 34min. My PB so far. Happy about it. But once I saw T1, many bike were gone. Lots to do...

Normally I'd be using socks but everything is already soaked...forget it. Yes, the rain is still there. Started cautiously in the first 5km especially descending the big hill. Salute those riders who had no fear zooming down! Felt the brakes were only 50% effective when going downhill.
On the flat section, it's quite straight and that means only one thing. Pedal hard! No headwind, yes headrain! Just simply open your mouth and walla, free water!
Passed Paul Lee just before the U turn. Could see that he's taking his time not taking any risk going fast. Then came Lesley. Cameraman halfway recording her and I just had to cut in between them...oops! Sorry for stealing some glamour. Hahaha!
Managed to see Michelle, Bee, Debbie...1 by 1 catching up.

Lack of speed training...err..actually lack of riding showed the effects in my last 5km. Big hill, I pushed...muscles were twitching so didn't want to embarrass myself falling mid way up that hill! Hahaha!
Lee was zig zagging up that hill. Seriously tough! Top of the hill, clipped my pedals and off I went passing Lee. :P I'm glad I pushed up looking at his expression after the torture. Still, I wished I could ride up. Need to do a 100% on the bike next time. Kudos to you, Lee!

Final km, saw Yip & Dave on the run. They were fast!! Final hill before T2, my legs...quads...they went on strike! Couldn't do anything except trying not to cry standing there helpless. 5min passed...Cramps subsided but I still got a hill to push up. Last 500m I can't be walking back. Saddled up and immediately the cramps came back. Worse! Must be another 5min motionless.
Now you understand why I was running & pushing the bike back to T2 instead of riding. My cycling legs gave up.

Time 1.28

Oh I hoped running legs were different! Back at transition area, slowly put on running gear. Again no point in wearing socks. nothing is dry now. Rested. Another 5min gone.

Small steps high cadence. Please no cramps please! First km was fine. But then there's this hill leading up to Kenyir Resort entrance we have to go through. End up....brisk walk. Blah! :( Once it flattens out, running was ok. Water station, yes, iced water to cool down and numb my legs. This year, the run was special as we get to run on the lake dam. Normally out of bounds to public but organisers managed to get the special green light for us. Cloudy, raining, just too bad no view to cherish. Thank God my legs held up through out the run. No cramps, just pain pain pain. Last km...40min...hmm, did I skip 1km somewhere? The run was shorter obviously, no way it's 10km. Crossed the finish line 2.48.40. My own time showing 2.51.45. 3minutes

Running time 45.34 so most likely a 9km distance. First time completed a triathlon without asking for water or being smelly. Rain washed away all the sweat and kept us...refreshed! And not forgetting...cold...brrr!!!
Pix courtesy of Yap & Li Lian.
Thanks for the great pix.
Not easy standing in the rain supporting us. Thank you very much!!


K3vski said...

3 minutes difference eh? I think you couldn't wait to start lah, so started your watch early. Well done in a very tough race.

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Thanks Kevin!

Or maybe uncle Chan gave everyone a 3min handicap due to weather...hahaha

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