Monday, April 4, 2011

Neighbourhood training week

It has been a neighbourhood training week. No, not training with any of them on anything...hahaha!
I've been doing my training around the neighbourhood. Swim bike run. All start from home. Swimming done in condo pool. Although it's only 25m in length, it's fine if you don't mind the frequent turns. Running and riding done in UM grounds which is only about a mile from home. Sweet!
In UM, traffic is minimal. On top of that, cold water is ever ready! There are a few water coolers around UM, if you know where to find them. :)
UM is a good place to run. You can find flats as well as hills!

Last Saturday I went for a leisure ride to Bangsar together with Michelle. No way will we use our road bikes considering the potholes and road drainage grills which make you fly like Superman. MTB is much safer :D

It's been quite a while since my last neighbourhood ride... schooling days back in hometown Kuching...oh yes, those were the days.

These were my rides...

GT Avalanche 2.0 - got it 2nd hand RM650 back in 2003
MTB with alloy rims - saved up RM450 for this bike. That was sometime back in 1990s
Raleigh rode bike (loaned it from an uncle)
BMX - my first bike...1983

My GT Avalanche 2.0 now became my dad's wheels to his favourite coffee shop every morning. Hahaha! At least it's put to good use.

I still remember my first bike, a BMX...way back in 1983...8years old. My dad promised he'd buy me one if I could be no.1 in class. That was Primary 2. I took up the challenge and walla!...surprised him. He was more than happy when I told him. BMX, yes!!!
I think it's still hanging somewhere in the backyard...rusted like nobody's business.

Aiks! I always get detoured from what I want to say in the beginning...hahahaha!

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