Monday, July 18, 2011


Couple of weeks ago, Kelvin, Michelle & I had some free time on a Saturday and so, we visited PAWS Animal Welfare Society. It's a volunteering organisation which takes in abandoned cats & dogs, nurture them & putting them up for adoption.

Look at all these furry buggers. They can all stay in the same enclosure without fighting. How nice!

We volunteered to take some out for their walks.

Is she walking the dog or the other way round? Hahahaha! Doggie must have wanted to get into the bush for something...

This doggie has a cute smiley face but too bad I'm staying up on a condo so can't keep one. Otherwise, I'll adopt her.
We managed to walk 4-5 doggies during our afternoon at PAWS. They were all so happy & hyper once the handler enters their enclosure with a leash. Almost all crowded him asking for a chance to go out. Good thing about these doggies is they are all well mannered and they don't bark or bite. Safe for you to take them for a walk and adopt.

Ok, doggies, hope to be back soon!

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Stupe said...

Mongrels the best. They are people friendly. :)

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