Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The government is doing their so called transformasi so I'll do my own at home. Had too much stuff lying around with no cupboard to hide in...made the dining area quite a mess and sore to the eyes la. :(
It's mid year already, and before the year 2011 is up, I better do something to 'clean' up & make things look better.

I wished all I need to say was "Transform!" but nope, needed half a day to put up a sofa bed and a cupboard...DIY style cos I found my sofa bed and dining area cupboard in Ikea.

At the check out counter.

DIY time. It's kinda fun actually. Made you feel useful. Hahaha!

Cupboard done! Yes! A lot of space to dump a lot of 'junk'...bottom for hiking & outdoor stuff. Middle for...watever...
Top for food stuff...only half full. Still got another half waiting for more food! hahaha!

Sofa bed done. Quite big actually...3 persons sitting on it with space to spare. If laid down, enough space for 2 to sleep in.

Ok, what's next? :D

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