Thursday, July 28, 2011


Quite a few events have gone by and I have not blogged about them...
With FB, seems like putting comments, uploading, tagging pictures there have sort of replaced all these blogging.

Anyway, just to recap what has happened in the past month or so...sports events I took part in, that is...

Port Dickson International Triathlon - 23-24July
ntv7 Feel Good Run - 3July
Standard Chartered KL Marathon - 26June
New Balance 15km - 5June
ATM Triathlon - 29May (...oops, I've blogged on this)

Not many considering there have been endless events almost on every weekend. Good for active sporty people, good for event organisers, good for sponsors. Win win win!

Ok, now to blah blah blah on New Balance 15km run. Held in Putrajaya which I think it is a fantastic place as parking is not an issue and traffic is easier to manage. The air is by far much cleaner than downtown KL. And to top it off, PACM organised it A class!
We had about 1500 runners...quality runners this time with a few Kenyans. Putrajaya is considered a fast route, so sub1hr is no sweat for the elites.

I managed 1:07, position 16th in Men Open, behind 15 veterans and 1 woman...a very very fast woman. She's the national runner.

After 15km, cendol and nasi lemak gaves smiles to our tummies! :P
PACM never miss out in keeping their club runners happy.

In ntv7 fun run, thousands of people showed up...some in fancy attire with a few as superheroes. Batman was quite overweight though and he was not even running the 3km. He walked! Maybe that's why that guy needed to hide himself behind the costume?
The run was 7km and it's for charity. Too bad the sky poured heavily towards the end of the run. Everybody went everywhere looking for shelter. Kinda spoilt the after run fun carnival.

SCKLM - again like last year, unable to get my PB on KL roads...sigh...

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