Friday, February 24, 2012

Gasing hills as trail running training ground

Gasing hills are excellent for trail sprints up hills apart from the usual undulating flats. Distance it doesn't have but elevation, yes!

These are 5 hills and these are what I call them.

Temple hill
Water tank hill
"Mother" hill
Cempedak hill
Highway hill

Mix and match and you'll get a lung busting hill training.

3km...2 hills
4km...3 hills
5km...4 hills

Map of Gasing Hills
Yellow paths mark the main trails.

Gasing forest area is fast shrinking. Over the couple of months running inside, I've been witnessing construction of a recreational park taking place. Fences being put up on the usual trails so had to detour and by doing this, discovered less trodden trails.

On the other side where the condos are, a bigger property development is eating up Gasing green lung. Soon, you'll find bungalows up on Gasing hills with multi millionaires and billionaires. In the map above, it's marked as light green shaded on bottom right.

So better run it while it's still there!

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