Saturday, February 11, 2012

Leading a run on bike

January 2012 has been a no official run for me. Wanted to do long slow distance as part of HK marathon training flopped badly. I only managed 15km as my longest slow distance. So much for a marathon training. Hahaha!

I've to admit being a leading marshal on bike for Multi Purpose Insurance Run was more fun compared to running it. Well, it's a different perspective. The entire 12km was dominated by Kenyans. After the first km, all I saw behind me were 2 Kenyan runners. On flats, 20kmh. Hills, 18kmh. Riding up hills on a MTB was tough to keep up with them, so it's either you stay 100m apporaching a hill or else you'll be left behind like the local elites.
John & me having fun on 2 wheels

Pix courtesy of Tey

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