Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kitty Softpaws

On 21st November last year, we found an abandoned kitten in the condo toilet beside swimming pool. Poor little kitten has been left there with a feeding bottle as if she can feed herself. Must have been a day or two as the milk had turned sour. We took little kitten back and hand fed her. By her size and with eyes yet to open plus ears not standing up, we guessed she's only around a week plus old...or young as she's very very young.
Her stay with us lasted 3 weeks. Nurturing her, seeing her grow was simply magical. The first few days, waking up every 2-3hrs feeding this little kitten resemble feeding a baby. We fed her powdered full cream milk as a start cos that's the only milk we had. Hoped she won't have diarrhoea and could pull through the very crucial few days. That was the main concern. Luckily she made it. Slept, fed, slept, fed.

Not only that, there's cleaning to be done as well. This little kitten has constant discharge coming out from her eyes. I cleaned her eyes so often till she knows what to do each time I carried her to the bathroom. Stopped crying and stayed still. :)

From crawling to standing (wobbly) and able to do her 4 legged walk, we witnessed them all. Her strength grew each day. How wonderful!

Cute little fella. Melts your heart once she looks at you and goes...mmmmeeeoooowwww!!!

But...we can't keep her. Staying up on 11th floor can be dangerous for cats even if they have 9 lives. Little kitten was starting to climb here & there. Very soon she'll climb up the window. Don't want to see her standing on the window ledge and the next step......wooooooo....

Fortunately, a friend happened to be looking for a kitten to accompany his pet, a teenage cat. Yes! That means we can still visit little kitten once in a while.

Will post pix of little kitten 2 weeks after adoption in the :P

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Piffles said...

eh? i thought it was adopted some time ago?

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