Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Yup, I had a stupid fall, happened as I was just about to stop my bike after a 60km ride in Putrajaya last Sunday. Fell down like a sack of potatoes...or should I say tomatoes! Haha!

How did it happen? Well, it is kinda embarrassing... :P

Slowing down my bike, wanted to go over a low kerb which was only an inch in height and fell. Yeah, you know those low and I mean very low harmless kerbs. However, misjudgment was the word! Tyre didn't go over it, it went along with it. That's cos I tried to angle in such a way as to go through 2 big fat concrete things...watever you call them. Wheel got caught by the kerb, failed to unclip and down I went. Landed on my right knee...scraped... chest & shoulder hit the damm big fat thing...felt as if you got punched. Shoulder turned blue black the very next day.
No worries, no worries...I still can run, I still can ride. Just another lesson for me. STOP BEFORE THE KERB!

Imagine those crashing at 30 or 40kmh and hitting something...

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