Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who is MR K?

My last posting was about MR K. You must be asking who is this guy? Well, it's the name of our Mixed Relay Team for Powerman in Sri Manjung and we are Michelle, Raymond and Khoo. It can be MR Khoo as well, which many thought so. :)

It's the second time we teamed up for a relay. The first time was a 3km running relay last year and we came in second. This time? Second!! Again! Yes, yes, yes...very happy to be able to go on podium. I hardly ever had the chance to be on podium. So I enjoyed every second of it! Many thanks to Michelle and Khoo!!!

This year marked my fourth time competing in this Powerman event. For three years, I did the individual 11km run, 64km bike, 10km run.

2007 - borrowed a friend's biketo do the full individual...somehow didn't start by trying the sprint...i'm still wondering why...

2008 - good chance to do a sub4 but bike punctured and wasted 15min

2009 - looking good but legs cramped...big time!

Three times but I could never break the sub4 time barrier. So I guess like baseball, strike three and I'm out. That partly explains why this year I turned to do the Powerman relay. Didn't want to miss the duathlon action but at the same time, didn't want to suffer cramps for the fourth time! Haha!

Luckily Michelle and Khoo agreed to team up for the relay. Looking at the past history, I target our team a top5 position by doing a sub3:45. How did we do?

Michelle did the 1st run with a time of 52min. I continued the bike with 1:57 and finally Khoo finished it with 42min.

Happy to be 2nd!!!

Next year...maybe I'll do the sprint...

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