Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A kilo or two lighter...

Lent season is over...

Good Friday was when Jesus sacrificed and died for us 2000years ago.

Easter Sunday, the third day of his death after being crucified, our Lord & Saviour Jesus is risen!


Alleluia! Alleluia!

For the past month, it's my first time fasting a meal per day. I wanted to do fasting in this Lent season so I skipped having lunch. It was very tough in the beginning. Stomach started grumbling around 3pm onwards. Weekdays ok but weekends...oh...I have to miss fasting during weekends as those 2 days are always filled with activities, either cycling or running which require a lot of energy...meaning food! :D No food no action :P

My weight now is 58kg as I lost a kg or two over Lent. Could feel my pants a bit loose now and at the same time needing another extra hole or two on my belt!

Well, with a slightly lighter body weight, I sure hope I can run faster! Hahahha! KL Towerthon coming up this Saturday nite so it'll be exciting. :P

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