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PCC Interstate Ride 29Apr-1May 2011

What is PCC Interstate Ride?
It is a group of cyclist riding long distances across 3 states in 3 days. Consider it as a cycling holiday.

My first Interstate ride was in 2008. That was when I heard someone said "you need to do the Interstate to prepare for Ironman". I needed cycling mileage so it fits the bill.

For this year, the ride started from Raub. About 300 riders with 60 support cars, the highest number of support cars ever recorded!

Actually, I'm half riding and half being a car support. Well, you can say I was doing a relay with Michelle. She drive, I ride. I drive, she ride. An interesting way of doing the Interstate...a non suffering way of riding 460km!

Before we hit the road with our 2 wheelers, I have to say something about this hotel. It's GREAT!
We were put up in a corner link house...yes, a house with a big piece of land beside it which can park 5 cars!

Rooms are named after tropical fruits and we got the Durian room. too bad durians not included.Big room but no durians were found in the Durian room.

Before my car receives the honour of being knighted a Official Support Car, I gave it a good wash...clean clean before that big sticker gets on its butt!There...nice sticker on a nice butt. You can see stickers of other rides on top of it...Interstate 2008, Century 2010...

Ok, here's the map of the 3 day ride.

Day1 - Raub - Cameron Highlands, 150km

Day2 - Cameron Highlands - Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, 200km

Day3 - Bukit Merah laketown Resort - Damai Laut Swiss Garden Resort, 110km

None of us two were riding till km50 where riders pitstop before hitting the hills up Cameron Highlands. That was the only makan place till we reach destination. Michelle started, joining Debbie, Lian Meng, Jyn, Dennis and others.

Support car, a new experience, it's pedal-less! :P

At km90+, Michelle called it a day and handed the imaginary baton to me. From that point onwards, it's uphill ALL THE WAY! She's smart!With fresh legs, it's climbing...and climbing...and climbing...
Riders have done 100km from Raub so it means not many smiles going around. The road we used is absolutely new to me. It's not in the maps. What's great about it is the quality. Smooth...wide...scenic!
Yip has done this before and he said it's tough. That means VERY TOUGH! Mentally prepared, I was up for it...starting from km90+....hahaha!

I was lucky to spot a scorpion crossing the road. A huge green fella. Managed to stop n snap a few pix of it.

Halfway up, the sky opened. Certain parts the shower became cats n dogs, the road became a stream. Already it was cool up that high so you can imagine how it felt with the rain. My hands went numb in the cold...bbbbrrrrr.....sorry no pix from here onwards. Blame the rain.

As we neared our destination, the climb gets tougher with steeper slopes. Michelle did a superb job stopping along the way to wait for us for food & drinks refill. Cold, wet, hungry, tired...that's my Cameron Highlands climb. Distance I covered was only 57km but it was the toughest ride for me.

500m from our designated hotel, the finale is...what else....the final climb. Rain finally stopped and boy was I glad. Happy to have climbed 57km!
Unpacked, cleaned both bike n me-self, freshen up and group photo time.Ok, I'll leave that for now...

Will continue soon...for Day2 & 3

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