Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PCC Interstate Ride Day2

Day2: Cameron Highlands to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
Distance: 200km

Michelle started...again... This time , a cold start from way up there on the highlands. Before anyone could warm up, it's downhill for 60km to Simpang Pulai. But Michelle didn't want to freeze herself so back into the car after 5km...hehehe!
Off we went, with our 2 wheelers inside the four wheeler.
We had breakfast at Simpang Pulai, near Petronas station, while waiting for the riders to pass by...and that happened to be one of the riders' pit stop as well. Here, Michelle joined Debbie riding through Ipoh town towards Tanjung Rambutan. One thing for sure is that there's no more cool weather like the highlands. Flat terrain from then on till the super duper steep hill in the Laketown Resort.
Halfway to go, the bike relay took place. Michelle out, I'm in. As for Debbie, she rode all the way. Respect!

A view from our room of the entrance to the resort lobby.
Room is HUGE! More like a studio unit.
Dinner time and briefing for next day.

Aiyoyo...I'm getting lazy to write...still got 1 day left...

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