Tuesday, May 17, 2011

KL Towerthon 2011

1km uphill road run plus 2058 steps in KL towerthon. This time, it's different. The race was at night.

Heard a lot of complaints from competitors. Many were stuck up there for 2hours due to the numbers with only 1 lift in operation. The other 2 lifts...1 reserved for VIPs and the other kaput!

Luckily I was in the first wave flagged off. Each wave was about 200 ppl. In the men open, we had 5 waves!
The race started with a 1km uphill run. The first 100m was a frantic sprint and before halfway to tower, 2 guys were already walking as I ran past.

This is 1 race where I have minimal training. Lucky I didn't hit the wall halfway up. Managed to do a PB! Yes! Shaved 1 minute from last year's timing. Could this be due to the kg I lost? Hmm...

Maybe next year can go sub18...hahaha!

My records so far...
2008 - 20:13
2010 - 19:52
2011 - 18:48
Medals - Left 2008, middle 2010, right 2011. Quality wise, sad to say 2011 is the worst although the night race was nicely organised!

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