Thursday, December 6, 2007

After the marathon

This is what happens after 42km....

Nowadays socks only last for 30km, further than that...koyak.....evidence from Dr. Rum

Now we know what some apek or makcik go thru... they walk with pain...adoh! pain! ouch! cinya tia!

Super duper mega plaster with deep heat is our best friend!

We are also affected mentally....yo yo yo! wassup?!?!?!?! (walk like apek, rap like homee...)

Can anybody tell me what's wrong with Dr. Rum and Aaron?

Aaron: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dr. Rum: My croc sandals nice or not?

That nite we went jalan-jalan at Clarke Quay. Beautiful! Wonderful! Looks like a little Venice.

Of all the pubs, we end up in know why lah...kekeke!

Even the toilets are pasted with wonder the walls have yellow spots and smells...hehe!

Monday morning before heading home, we had breakfast in Chinatown...

Aaron: 42km oredi you lau sai, socks koyak, cramp....Ironman can meh? Ok, I introduce you this steroid ah...

Dr Rum:, quiet lah, not so loud...

Shine: ????

On the way back....

Smiling Khoo: These people are fools lah! Run half marathon where got suffer one......look at me...hehehe!

Aaron: can?! halfway point power gel oso finish. If i take ah, where got problem cut half the time one...

Vincent: sms...hey honey, i go back oredi lah...c u soon ya....i lap u, u lap me or not? hehe! bye bye!

Tomato-nator: I'll be back!!!........Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008

Home sweet home.....


Raymond said...

hahahahahaha,ur post damn funny!
Next time beat u kau kau lat i tell u!
Dun action action hahahaha

feifeipinky said...

hahaha...i ya...slowly see the funny side of tomatoman...haha..very funny indeed

yoh...aaron dah kurus...he look even more kurus after 42km...haha..i hope he's ok by now.

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