Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas - Holiday or Holy Day?

Christians look forward to the time of the year when we celebrate two important holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These holidays have their beginnings and roots in Christian celebrations. The word holiday actually means "holy day"; hence these events should be remembered and celebrated in a holy manner. We have strayed from that purpose over the years as we have embraced many unholy practices and worldly customs and added them to our "holy days."

Christmas has also been with many secular and traditional additions that take away from this celebration of our Lord's birth. The materialism that surrounds this season is one of the most obvious; however, there are others. Office parties with the alcohol flowing freely certainly desecrate all that the day stands for. As Christians, we celebrate this day because it is the Lord's birthday and it gives us pleasure to remember the Christmas story as recorded in the Bible in Luke 2.

For many years, people observed Christmas as a religious festival only. But they gradually adopted more and more customs unrelated to the church. In England, during the Middle Ages, Christmas became the merriest day of the year. Celebrations eventually became so rowdy that the Puritans in England did away with the observance of Christmas by law in 1643.Our present day celebration here in the United States is a combination of several customs and traditions that come from different European countries. (The World Book Encyclopedia gives an in-depth description of these for those interested.) Since we are looking to the Bible for our standards it would be well to eliminate those things that are not Christ-exalting. We should avoid going to extremes, but on the other hand we should not partake of things that are not honoring Jesus' birthday.

This article was taken from the Overcoming Life Digest (Nov./Dec. 1997 Issue


feifeipinky said...

i would say is all depend if u are a believer in Christ or not..sometimes Multi-cultures & multi-races has made all these special days all too common until many of us lost touch bout the true meaning of "CHRISTmas".
I guess same thing goes to "Easter day"...far too commercialized. time for some ppl to grab $$$$$ mah..haha.

I r'ber my church Priest (Fr Simon) said once: instead of wishing everyone of us merry christmas..we should say "A blessed christmas" true that it was a blessed day..when God gave us Jesus His Son.

So be blessed & enjoy that very day...regardless is a holiday or Holy a happy day for everyone. ;p

Anonymous said...


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