Monday, December 10, 2007

Pinky - the tomatodoggie


Yes, that's my lil doggie back in Kuching. We named her Pinky from the colour of her cute lil nose.

This picture was when we just got her. Looks like a mini polar bear.

A very curious puppie....or 'kay po' in hokkien...

Very mischievous fella too. Just by looking at her face, you'll know what I mean. Whatever you eat, she'll eat. I still remember the time I had some extermely sour fruit...gave her some and you can imagine how her face turned 'sour'! hahaha!
Likes to play hide & seek and fetch was here favourite game when she was slimmer. Playing pulling is where she looks like Babe the piggy!

From lil Pinky she grew up into a hamba karamba fatty piggy. Look at that fatty fatty bum bum!She'll try to eat anything, yes, almost anything. Pic below is where she gave plastic a shot...haha!

However I tried to get that plastic container from her, she just won't let go. Oh yes, cute as she may be, she growl at anyone who tries to wallap her food.

Aww....I love you too, my piggy Pinky!

After a hard day being 'kay po', lil fatty piggy Pinky is poofed.

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