Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho! A Merry & Blessed Christmas!

Wow! Who's this?

On Christmas eve, I spent the whole afternoon in KSH Bicycle in SS2. This time, instead of the usual see see look look sessions, I decided to buy myself a road bike. Yes! Yes! Yes! Santa Claus was riding to town. Hahaha! Finally…tomatoman can really go crazy on a road bike!!!!! Yippa yippa!

A Merida model 880. It came with Sora gears and aluminium fork. Err…that is Merida’s entry level, meaning cheapest lah, below RM2K.
After info digging session and talking to the KSH boss, my 880 was upgraded with Tiagra gears and Bianchi carbon fork. Ooh la la…but price also automatically upgraded to RM2.5K…..ouch! oucH! OUCH!
This is my bike undergoing the transformation.

Walla! It is the most expensive gift I’ve ever bought….luckily it’s for myself…phew! Hehe!

Tiagra components.

It was interesting watching them changing or should I say transplanting those components to the 880 frame. These pros did it in a jiffy! Fast and not furious lah…but efficient.

As for the bike shoes, somehow they didn’t have size40 for the entry level models and even my first choice on the cheapest entry model didn’t have my size. Alamak! Why like tat one?!
I had no choice but to buy the Shimano triathlon model SHTR50, and it cost me satu linggit kulang dali lima latut (RM499!!! …it better last at least 5 years!) oh….adoh, my wallet went to ICU lah. Anyhow it has carbon fibre sole and it does look very the mengancamlah! Yeah!

Very kau-kau triathlon bike shoes Shimano SHTR50. Hmm…I better make full use of it and make Triathlon as my resolution for 2008. Hahaha!

See my expensive shoe?

Christmas Day 25th December 2007 - Merry Christmas!!! My first ride. So…HO! HO! HO!
We (KhooYK & friend, Dr. Rumerida (Raymond Hee) and Kheng, who lead the ride) met at Putrajaya Palace of Justice at 730am. First time using clip-on shoes, I was expected to ‘peng’…but…I disappointed Dr. Rumerida for not following his trademark of ‘peng-ing’ from his bike. Nyak ah ah!!

It was a fantastic ride. I felt gooooooood!! Yeah, the bike fits very well to my tomato body. Me short short so the frame is XS lah… ngam ngam ho!

50km was our ride and there’ll be more, much much more to come….

....and that's crazytomatoman (yeah, i know....helmet kinda big lah...hahaha!)


Raymond said...

muahahahah,satu linggit from lima latus!!!So bila u wanna fall down fr bike ah,im waiting.... hehehe
u better join me for triathlon next year!!!!!

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

hey Dr. Rumerida, can apply for membership in your Bike Falling Expert Club ah? kekeke!

Ok lah, I set my 2008 resolution as "Become a Triathlete"

C-CUBE said...

now we have a red hot cycling tomato for 2008!!!!

Anonymous said...


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