Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007

2nd Dec 2007 was a day to remember! It was a “super duper ooh babey let’s race” marathon in Negara Singapura.

A big group of us gathered at Pudu bus station 1130pm on Friday 30th Nov to catch the midnite unofficial Pacesetters bus to “sin cia puo”.
Arrived at Lavender St. about 5am++ and the first thing we did after checked into the apartment was…..zzzzzzzzzz

After having our much needed tidur and brunch, we met up with Dr. Rum. He looked kinda blurr blurr after spending the nite in Chinatown. Lotsa China hot chics walking around at dawn dressed up with makeup so you know lah what they do…

Collected our goody bag and number bibs at Suntec city where we jalan-jalan till kaki very the pain pain lah.
Look at our speakerbox uncle. So stylo & hip with cap, nike sleeveless but when you look at what he has to walk in…..selipar apek!!! And beg nenek!!!! Adohai!!!

In Singapore, it must be a norm for chics to dress so hot-ly. So many of them with hot pants and low cut spaghetti tops. Fuuuyoh! We went goo-goo-ga-ga lah !!!

8pm and all of us were back in the apartment. Dr. Rum was already very busy...clipping nails, taking ORS...bla bla bla....wonder if he took steriods? hmm...

That nite we were very good boys and off to dreamland around 9pm. Unbelievable!!
Full marathon runners start waking up from 330am and all of us walked half an hour to reach the starting line from our Chinatown apartment.

2007 has a record breaking number of participants. With us was Aaron aiming for 42km as well. He has not participated in any runs before and more shocking is that he DID NOT train for this marathon. Unbelievable? Believe it….where there’s a will, there’s a way!

We took 6min from our starting point to reach the starting line. Sardine style where we kinda hopped our way to the starting line lah.

Aaron did his own pace behind us and icthyman Vincent took off like a speedy Gonzalez way in front of us.
Dr. Rum led our way zig zagging for almost 15km before we could run in a straight line instead of doing the zorro sign all the way.

15km, that was also when I zoomed off with him smelling my….kentut…..hehehe!

Although I’ve set a target of 4hr30min, I just have to try a faster pace for as long as I can before the damm cramps start attacking. The U turn sign at ECP was a happy happy joy joy sign for all the marathoners. What a relief we don't have to go straight on....but it's actually straight on the other way! hahaha!

Reached the 30km point at an incredible fast pace with my time showing I’m under 3hrs.
But as expected cramps started at the 33km mark. Dang! It slowed me down tremendously and for the rest of the run, I had to jog n walk…..

38km mark and I had 20min before it is 4hr. 5min per 1km can get me a sub4hr record! Oh well, that was a sweet dream when you’re having cramps in both legs. Finally, at the finishing line tomatoman did 4hr7min54sec, a personal best!! Yahoo! Thank God!

Leg massage was so syok lah! Ya, ya...tekan naik sikit....aiyo sakit leh...

Aaron did it...7hrs!!! and he's still smiling! Of course laa...adidas running shoes $200, bus tickets $60....completing 42km...priceless!

Photogenic hot babe...Yan

Pisang bagus untuk anda!We found the handsome runner in the posters!

Khoo, Vincent and tomatoman who has too much sun...turning into bananaman!
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