Friday, July 10, 2009

Durian Glorious Durian!!

No more RM10 eat all you can durians available but the durians for RM20 eat all you can was worth every penny...I mean sen!

Plump, soft yet supple, I bite into it like there's no tomorrow. Slowly it melts in my mouth as I gently spread it over my tongue letting the sweetness, bitter after taste hitting the right spot. Normally, wine connoisseurs' eau de vie description will sound like this; dry, heavy body with a hint of raspberry or some berries...blah blah blah... Wonder what they will say how durian is like.
Very full bodied, sweet, creamy, milky, freshly brewed alcoholic taste and finishing off with a gentle bitter end?

Sorry no mouth is full!

Oh mama! I'm in heaven!!!!

And so, that was our carbo loading dinner for PD triathlon this Sunday! Burp Burp!
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