Monday, July 27, 2009


Ran with it 3 times now...

1 - 2.5km around my condo
2 - 5km in mini triathlon training
3 - 10km in PD Triathlon

Cushion - no issue on this. The heel is well padded with rocket science 'dunnowatumahcallit' soft yet strong cushion. Enough cushion for a full 42.195km, that's for sure.

Sole - tough rubbers that don't run out after a few runs.

Weight - for a marathon, it's light enough
Thumbs up for stability. Hold your feet firmly and your spread of toes are not squeezed tightly inside. So that's great!
Bounce or spring...can feel that the pounding impact is absorbed and the energy is converted into a spring effect. Shoes do not have the heavy feel.

As for the look, it's pretty aggressive, predominantly in black. Grrr!!

The only downside is that it maybe our feet will get too hot in long runs here with our tropical heat. The air circulation can be improved. But good for cold countries, that's for sure!

Overall, I LOVE it!

Time to glide with the Lunarglide+ !!


Anonymous said...

You really think that this shoe can live up for a full marathon? I can't wait your review on this!

This look like somewhat an amazing shoe. Just a question, does it fit well for a wide feet?

Can't wait to see your write up and review about it for the King of the Road this weekend!

Good luck!

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

From the feel of it, I'm sure 42km is no problem. The cushion is sufficient, unlike other light racers.
The toe area somewhat resemble Lunartrainer. WIDE !
My toes don't feel squeezed.

Too bad I won't be at KOTR cos I'm doing Desaru tri. The run is 21km so more or less like KOTR la...

Anonymous said...


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