Friday, July 17, 2009

A good try in PD tri

PD Triathlon 2009, my second Olympic Distance after my maiden at Kenyir Lake last year.
Since Langkawi IM2009, it has been a tri-hibernation. March none, Apr none, May none, June none and July…at last there’s a triathlon race, PD International Triathlon. The moment crazy nuts like me have been waiting for…to get more nutty!

Journey to PD on Saturday morning was the usual jalan-jalan cari makan. Besides being close to Admiral Cove where the tri-action was, Golf & Country Club was our “tri nest” this time round. A comfortable place to stay, not mentioning that it’s very affordable as well.

Somehow my nose was not feeling well that day, endless sneezing throughout the day…and night.
After collecting our race pack, it’s…what else but carbo loading time again after a yummylicious beef noodle in Seremban open air market. This time round, we had Chinese round table lunch. Tummies smilling half an hour later, we adjourned back to watch the Sprint event.

Girls seem to like water more than guys. Michelle, Jennifer, Siok Bee, and Debbie were all geared up for a swim once we arrived at the beach. But before that, photo session. Click click click…endless clicks…

Usual carbo dinner and briefing by Uncle Chan before retiring for the night.
Popped in paracetamol tablet and I hit the sack at 10pm. Hoped my nose stopped running so my legs could run on race day.

Race day…

Morning drizzle cooled things down. Good weather for a tri!!
Checked in bike, body marked, all set for PD tri. Loud blasting techno music really psyched everyone up for the race.

I was in wave2, after 5min of wave1. The calm PD waters was not its usual self. Somehow the waves were strong and likewise with the currents. Rats! Another Desaru???

Getting to the first Powerbar buoy was excruciating. Tossed around like rag rolls in a washing machine! That’s what it was. Front back left right up down, you name it, we got it. Coupled with hands slapping, legs kicking, the swim was…was…damm celaka! Honestly I didn’t have the confidence of finishing the swim in that situation. Before halfway I was already hanging on to a small buoy for a breather. One by one yellow caps floated pass, then came blue caps. At least marina was without waves but still, I didn’t like the swim at all. Lack of training made it worse. I was practically ‘crawling’, not swimming.

48min was what I needed to get on to dry land. First few steps was tough as I still felt the tossing motion. Stopped a full minute at the shower to get my bearings right. Lee was just about to leave transition when I got hold of my bike. Everything set and off I rode on my trusty Merida880.
Caught up with Lee after the roundabout and we drafted each other for a while till KK went pass signaling us to draft behind him. I jumped at the chance! Caught up with Jenn and told her to draft as well. Before long there were 4-5 guys behind KK. We were going around 35kmh! Good pace!

Spoke too soon cos my legs gave in before the U turn. Twitching began and like it or not, I had to slow down. Didn’t want to end up with cramps all over. Thanks KK but sadly I couldn’t keep up. From average speed of 35kmh down to 27-28kmh. Nooooo!!!!

Not long after U turn, Lisar and Mich ‘sayured’ me. I tried to draft behind their peloton of about 5-6riders. These girls are amazingly fast! Wished I have their legs…I mean…strong legs…I mean…speed! Yeah yeah…strong sexy legs! :P

Upon the turn into highway back, I let the peloton go. Cruised slowly back to transition hoping that helped restore some strength for the run. Checked my bike time, 1.12….pretty good timing! ‘Parked’ my bike and I took my sweet time with a PowerGel, PowerBar Endurance drink, putting on socks and my new running shoes…Nike Lunarglide+

Must have spent at least 5min in transition. Hahaha! Time was 2.10 as I jogged out. Legs felt ok and I increased pace. Bad move. At km2, bang! Cramps! Alamak not again!!! For about 2km, I hobbled on. Thank God the pain subsided and I could do a decent pace after the first water station. Saw so many fast runners on their way back. That motivated me to speed up. Then came Yip, Roger, Keat Seong, Meng, Bobby. They were fast! I only caught up with Lydia and Mich a km after the km5 U turn. No problem with top10 for them. Halfway back, Tony the pelumba haram was pacing someone. Saw Ngae as well. This super ultraman was not in sarung but in tri pants. He’s back!

At the final water station, I downed 100plus and drenched myself with water as usual but all of a sudden, left hamstring seized up. So bloody painful!! Had to stop completely. Stood motionless for about a minute. No way, not the wall!! Checked my watch…2.45…will it be a sub3??
Slowly I jogged and slowly I increased pace cos I’m not gonna miss a sub3 this time. As I turned into the grass pitch, the finishing line was simply…magical.

Yes, a sub3…2.56…not something to shout about but target achieved. The moment I crossed the finish line, both legs hit the wall. Lady taking off the timing chip told me to be still. I forgot to tell her I couldn’t move! Must be close to a minute I stood there. Very gently step by step I dragged myself to the tent. First time my legs ended up like that. Friend were happily chatting and laughing away but I was grimacing in pain. Funny that must have been. Hahaha! Only after a few minutes rest, my legs agreed to walk.

A good try in PD tri!!
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