Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shape & Men's Health Run 2009

Kelvin, Siok Leng, crazytomatoman, Chin Chin

Running 11.5km at night is tougher than running in the morning. The night was extremely humid, there was not a bit of cool breeze not to mention heat from tarmac rising. Standing inside 'kandang lembu' awaiting flagoff was enough in making us to sweat profusely.
Although no Kenyans this round, somehow the pressure of performing well was there. Maybe because everyone wanted to show Kenyans we can do something too!
11.5km... it's a long distance sprinter's game. Btw, is there such a thing as...long distance sprinter? hahaha! Yes it's some distance altho not too long. Just that we have to pia kaw siao running these races.

I must have dashed off too fast as I was already panting heavily after the first km. Even so, I was still behind my sifu, Khoo. Before reaching 1st bridge, Ben went pass. Approaching PICC hill, Chin went pass, Ronnie went pass. Descending PICC, veteran Daniel went pass.
Aiyo i kena sayur like mad!! Reaching 1st water station, I showered to cool down. Felt much better and from there till km9, I had a pacing buddy, a veteran. Going uphill, I sayur him but heading downhill, he sayur me back. So it resembled a Tom & Jerry run, chasing each other.
Turning into the final bridge, I expected him to pass me as it was a gentle slope down but he didn't appear.
Going pass 9km mark, I increased my pace slightly and behind me was Stanley. He did the same and I was sayur-ed...again. Sheesh!!!
With the 1km mark in view, I tld myself to sayur someone. Started striding and with around 500m to go, I was neck to neck with Stanley. Turning into finishing straight, tomato power kicked in. At last I did my own sayur-ing and sprinted the final 100m.

Finished 36th at 52:12

Lungs felt like bursting out as I collected my medal and goodie bag. Definitely a fast & furious race!

Thanks to organisers for making it a great race with a carnival like feeling!!!

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