Friday, February 11, 2011

Be In The Game

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Be the king of the mountain

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Mountain sports like mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, ice-climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking are great fun if you know how to. If you’re planning a mountain vacation and you’re the sporty kind, make sure you do your homework. Find out everything you can about the place and the kind of recreational sports on offer.

Experts will tell you that mountain biking includes riding a lightweight mountain bike over rough terrain using mountain bikes that have been specially adapted to the rough mountain conditions. The mountain bikes will be have tires that have better traction and are durable to enable them to perform sturdily on the slopes. You can do cross country biking, all mountain riding, downhill riding, trail riding, freeride and dirt jumping. Lightweight bikes like the Scott Spark 40 full suspension mountain bikes are designed for high efficiency and ideal for cross-country, marathons and all-day fun rides.

There are ladies mountain bikes that are exclusively designed for women who anatomically have lengthier hips and legs. The seat is a little farther away from the handle bars and the rear seat more layered making it more comfortable for women to ride. Try the Pacific Cycle Tuscon 26 inch women’s mountain bike that’s an all-terrain bike for those who want to smooth out the bumps with a full suspension bike without it being too hard on the pocket. Or check out the Mongoose Ladies Spire 26 inch women’s mountain bike that’s made for fun and adventure and has 18-speed with twist shifters and is sturdy with 36-spoke wheels.

Get the right gear to make your mountain experience a memorable one with Western Mountaineering equipment. They manufacture sleeping bags, down garments and other accessories. Sleeping bags come in many varieties like with hoods, standard cut mummy bags and other models and the LITE variety are the lightest weight bags meant for activities when you need to travel light on the mountains. Down garments like jackets, vests and pants are well-insulated and are accessorized with full length zippers and reflective trim. Jackets like the Vapor jacket offers comfort and performance and is light, weather-resistant and warm.

High levels of physical fitness and stamina are required as you’ll be pitting yourself against nature. But with the right mental attitude, you can conquer the mountains. It’s the best way to enjoy them.

Guest Blogger: Jayashri

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