Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Chinese New Year had more fireworks and firecrackers everywhere in hometown Kuching. The midnite session was around 45min before heavy rain poured down at 1230am. Thank God for clearing the choking smoke and silencing the cracking sound so we could have a peaceful night's sleep.

Went back hometown a little earlier this year so that Michelle won't miss the local delicacies...kolo mee, laksa, beef noodle, belacan bee hoon, sio bee, cendol...yummylicious!! :P
Was back on Sunday before CNY. Uncle MTB picked us up on Monday morning for a training session up Mount Serapi. Drizzled on our journey to the park HQ but uncle know it will stop and if we have decided to sleep in, it would be a big regret! Haha! He was right!

A misty morning with gentle draft as we jogged up Serapi while uncle zoomed off on his MTB. We jogged a bit while the rest of the way up was a brisk walk.
At the communication station, the view was fantastic. Clouds shrouded the lower parts and it appeared as if rolling waves were splashing on the hills. After some nice photoshots, it was time to head down for breakfast...kolo mee at the red bridge. No idea why it was named as such but perhaps the metal bridge rusted and the red hues gave its name.Mountain on the background is Mount Santubong. Was supposed to scale it but the sky poured every morning, meaning we tucked in bed till 8am and 9am at times :)

CNY celebration was the usual visiting and eating and drinking and sleeping.

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