Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Swim bike run

I miss triathlon...swim bike run...I truly miss it!

This country is not having enough of it. In fact, the number of triathlons is shrinking. Langkawi Ironman is gone. Putrajaya Half Ironman was a 1 hit wonder. I started in A Famosa back in 2007 and that has also disappeared.

Sad to say, the Triathlon Association of Malaysia has been hibernating for donkey years. What is the president doin?!?!?! And the ministry of youth and sports don't show any interest in this multisport. Is that Datuk who...playing golf?? Sad sad sad...

Luckily there's Chan Chee Seng which we fondly call Uncle Chan. He has been putting tireless efforts organising triathlons in PD, Kenyir, Desaru and Miri (which I heard has been "hijacked" by another organiser)

The upcoming long awaited for will be in Kenyir on 10 April 2011

Looking forward to that!

The only downside is the journey there...long 5-6hrs drive... :(


K3vski said...

I agree, the current state of triathlon in Malaysia is not sustainable. Mr Chan is only one person and the fact that he has been doing this for about 20 years is a miracle!

But we can get the ball rolling. The recent tri simulation at Bkt Utama and Trikidz races are good starters. If PACM and Pacemakers can organize their own run events, why can't the same be done for triathlon?

Sure you may not get your race T-shirt or pre-race carbo loading dinner. But if you look at tri races in countries well established in the sport, like Australia, they never had all these!

Cheong (kolo mee) said...

Or just do the swim (pool)- bike- run on your own. Its low cost & can do it at your own time convenience. Or simply invite some friends & do it together. I just use the pool parking lot as a transition area for the bike and run. Have been doing it for quite awhile now due to various commitments that do not allow me to take sunday off to join races.

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