Friday, February 25, 2011

A shaolin hair cut?

Before going back for CNY, I visited my usual barber, told him "kasih pendek pendek semua". With eyes opened bigger than usual, he looked at me and asked "betul ah? no.1?", just to be sure as there's no turning back once his cutter goes to work.

It was the fastest haircut I ever had...less than 5min!Didn't have many photos of my near botak head except from Serapi climb with Michelle & uncle.

But I still remember my botak head 6 years ago after a cranium surgery. Back then I looked like a cross between a shaolin monk & Frankenstein.

Surgery???? Why? What happened?

Ok, let me tell you my story...I'll keep it short & sweet.

2005...before CNY...meeting in PJ...after lunch, I felt severe pain on my head, left side and fainted. Went into seizure. Grateful to have colleagues who helped stabilise me & brought me to Assunta Hospital.

I had what they call brain aneurysm. Click to find out what it is...

1 month later, brain surgery...
3hrs surgery, 39 stitches or maybe it should be called staples instead. You'll see what I mean in the close up photos. number in Kuching is 339! Coincidence? Hmm...
My car plate is 336...1 number upside down. But I'll leave that for my marathon target time, 3hr36min...hahaha!

Ok, back to the topic...Surgery was to clip the burst blood vessel, preventing another burst at the same place.

Close up photos below.
Warning : do not view with a full stomach...hahaha!

Here, I looked rather fat. Well, the left side of my head did swell up afte the surgery, Normal la...
But at that time, I've not done any long distance ironman. So I was not on the lean side. :PScary huh...

Why and how did it happen?
Well, I call it a call from the Almighty
Click above to find out. I blogged about it back in 2008.
It's only now you see the photos. Sorry for the delay :)

Now 2011, I'm happy to be alive! Thank God! He gave me a 2nd chance. I'm still eating, sleeping, talking, smiling, laughing, walking, running, cycling, swimming, hiking...and many more.
In fact, I enjoy life more than before, discovering so many wonders God has given to us. Always grateful to the Lord! Amen!

Live life to the fullest!

Peace be with you, brother & sisters!

Ok, on a different note, the movie Shaolin starring Andy Lau, Jackie Chan & Nicholas Tse had Andy Lau having the shaolin hair cut as well. Yes, just for the movie. In fact, he was filmed cutting his own hair. Dramatic! (that's 1 reason I did the haircut also la...hehehe)Too bad Jackie Chan decided not to follow suit, which is why he had a headgear throughout the movie.I can understand why Andy Lau had a headgear in this photo. It's cold!
Yes, our head can disperse up to 30% of our body heat. So, less hair, less ability to retain heat. I feet a nice cooling sensation when I run with minimal hair. Hmm...does this qualify me for minimalist runner? Hahaha!

On another note, you save water, shampoo, hair cream or gel or wax. Save time drying up after shower. Save time without combing hair. :P

It's been 3 weeks since that haircut and I feel the botak cooling system is warming up even on 1cm length.



Robin Ng (your's cousin) said...

Thanks for sharing. I am happy to see where u are today. God must be working powerfully in your life!

K3vski said...

Scary experience. Praise God that you are well and SBRing today.

You have a nice round head, suits the Shaolin look. I look quite funny if I shave botak, because my head has a pointed top!

zErOiCe said...

very inspiring Crazy Tomato Man.. i admire your courage on this trial that came into your life..

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration!! God Bless You :)

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

Yes, Yes, Tomato!

Let's live life to the fullest.

Thank you for sharing.

Wai Mun

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Thanks for all your support!

Let's keep on living life to the fullest ya :D

Dancing Ciken said...

inspiring... and u're getting stronger now, mentally & physically

tabik spring!

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