Friday, March 18, 2011

Bareno Run

So how did I fare?


I managed a sub1.40 but found out it's 1km short of a half marathon. Actual distance was 20.3km. I finished behind 20 in my category, behind 12 junior veterans, behind 5 senior veterans, behind 1 women open and behind 2 veteran women. Behind a total of 40 runners and half of them are older than me.

That's 1 way to look at it and it doesn't look good huh. But it definitely will spur me on to achieve a faster time....hopefully that is...

But on the other side, hehehe...this is a cheerful way to look at it. I was ahead of 794 in the men open category. :D

The route has 3 hills, a good mix with long straight flats. Traffic control is fine with adequate marshals. Can be better next time with more water stations.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my run. Lack of training so I can't expect much.Next race, Kenyir Triathlon on 10 April.


zErOiCe said...

great timing!

ahlost said...

Wow.. that's very fast.. O.O

I should hide my timing.. hohoho.. :D

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