Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Green

It's week....err....I think it's week10.

Long time no update on this.
Not so good though...tomato decided it's not their kinda place so all except 1 have said goodbye. Yup, only 1 left and he's not looking very healthy either. Even after adding some fertilizer, he's not showing the right response. I must have used the WRONG fertiliser...either they were overdosed or they it gave them food poisoning. :(
Even newly bought rosemary and basil died after I gave some of that fertiliser. Argh!!!!

Hmm...japanese humus...what the hell is wrong with this fertiliser? It stinks quite a bit when it gets diluted in water. Must be too much nitrates...

At least ginger is doing well. There were 2 shoots but 1 was blown over by strong wind few nights ago. I better stick in a pillar for this fella to hang on to when thunderstorm brings along strong wind again.

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