Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Batu Arang & Dragon Back ride


Looks delicious huh? Hehe!
Somehow the title to this posting doesn't jive with what you just saw right? Hahaha!
But I'm not blogging about food...just like to show what I had...err...I mean...what we had after our bike ride. We (Michelle, Debbie, Kenny & me) had this very meaty lunch in Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill, Bukit Jelutong. It was after 70km+ bike ride with BJCC (Bukit Jelutong Cycling Club)

Our ride started from Bukit Jelutong. Quite a number joined. Most are hitting their mileage preparing for PCC Interstate 3day ride end of April.

We rode to Batu Arang and headed home through the challenging dragon back.

First stop 35km at Batu Arang. Had breakfast. Heading back we passed by Bukit Ramlee, a MTB heaven! Must try the trail there someday.

Looking at the pix below and you'll understand why they call it the dragon back. Rolling hills for miles!
Last pit stop before reaching Ayers Rock...lunch!!!

Thanks to Kenny for inviting us to join BJCC ride!

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