Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm missing out!

Can you believe that KL City Run, KEC Klang Run, Kidney Run, UPM HIV&AIDS Awareness Run, Cyberjaya Green Run, Nexus International School Triathlon, Malakoff Penang Run all happened this month??

I think I still must have missed mentioning a couple more runs...

More runs means good news! More people are health conscious...hopefully they actually run and not just joining for the goodie bags! Hope all those who are new to running will continue running and not just be a 1 hit runner like those 1 hit wonder singers.

But among all those runs, I only did Bareno Half Marathon. 1 run out of many ah? Man... am I missing out big time!

Used to take part in every run available in the Klang valley when I started few years back. Every run seemed so exciting...well, anything that's new is exciting la. Wanted to run everywhere and compete with anyone. Kinda crazy don't you think? Hahaha! But seriously, when you first get involved in running, the passion is overwhelming. Everyday everything is about running.

After that, road bike came into play. Long bike rides, duathlons, triathlons...

Now MTB enters the scene...and I sort of forgot about running long distances and riding on my roadie. Merida is pissed off at Cinder-ella that's for sure.


Sunday runs transformed into MTB rides and I've not blog about KLMTB hash in Kajang. That was a huge gathering of hundreds of MTB riders. A lot of fun!!

2 weeks from now, Kenyir Triathlon. No training can help much now. That's when I did my first OD Tri. Not over dose... OD = olympic distance :P
1.5km swim 40km bike 10km run

Oh well, time to go slow and enjoy while it last...hahaha!

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