Friday, March 4, 2011

Dream Pacat Aromatica and the best char siew!

What has Pacat got to do with Dream and Aromatica? Pacat is leech. Dream is...not real...and Aromatica gives you an impression of...err...aroma...puzzled? :D

Well, all the 3 are names of MTB trails in FRIM. Started with Dream trail, heat up with Pacat trail and cooled down on Aromatica trail. Too bad I didn't snap any of Aromatica. Why the trail is named Pacat is very clear. It's where hikers get sucked...I mean attacked by sucking leeches. For MTBikers, slim chance to see a pacat on you but don't rule it out. Sometimes the pacat do get lucky. Hehehe!We followed PCC MTBikers for a FRIM ride on a Sunday morning. Good thing about off road rides is we don't have to wake up at 6am anymore. Hehehe! Once inside the trail, trees become our good friend, shielding the hot sun rays from us. You can ride all day long in the shades provided you bring along enough water and food cos in the jungle, there's no mamak or kopitiam.
Dream...yes, I'm still dreaming of doing the switchbacks. The last 10m is the scariest...for me anyway, as the trail goes down a single trail slope with rocks and roots and crossing a drain onto Rover trail. Many riders became superman on that tricky slope as I was told. As for Rover trail, it's a highway for bikers and joggers.
Pacat trail starts off with a steep slope. Well, to me it's STEEP and I have no guts to ride down...not yet anyway but 1 day, I will conquer the slope.

Oh my Cinder-ella. Having fun?

After the ride, it's time for what else....makan!!!! :P And I have to tell you what we had, seriously. The BEST char siew ever!!!!
BBQ till it's caramelised, chewy but certain parts just seem to melt in your mouth. Ooh lala! So yummylicious!!!
If you like char siew, this is one you should not miss!

Click below. I hope I got the locatin right and not bringing you to "holland". Hahaha!
Jalan Buring Tiong, off Jalan Buring Jentayu

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